Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Third Nursery Graduation 2014

Another great day has come in the life of our 36 Top class students graduating on December 6th to grade one 2015. This is the biggest class ever in the ten years of our nursery existence. Because of our goal to provide quality education from the beginning, we set a limit of our class intake to 40. With this goal and limited facilities we have been increasing the enrollments gradually.

Teacher Angela, front right guides the representative  to a graduates' speech
 as parents, representatives stand  in the background, Sr. Stella and Anamary look on.   

Tr. Angela with 36 Graduates 2014

Parents stand with their children at their graduation on Dec. 8th 2014 

The Pastor, Fr. Thomas officiates at the graduation ceremony
of 36 nursery students as Sr. Stella presents the certificates on Dec. 8th 2014

Fr. Thomas, the pastor at Rubanda Parish
celebrates Mass on the graduation ceremony on Dec. 6th 2014.

The parents' representative gives a speech as
Sr. Stella, Mr and Mrs Kabunduguru and other visitors listen : Dec. 6th 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Letter from teacher Joy


Special greetings  to you from the Nursery teachers.

Please we want to let you know that Rubanda Solidarity School runs an education program of a combination of Nursery and Primary curricula. We would like to thank Rev.Fr.Dominic, Coordinator, Donors and all our friends for the good work done design and support these programs in order to uplift the life conditions of our people. Working hard to raise the standards of our school will eventually make a huge impact to the vulnerable children and the entire community.

The nursery section runs through a circle of three years (Baby, Middle and Top classes).
In the Baby class we have twenty three children (23),
The Middle class has twenty eight children (28), and 
The Top class has thirty four (34)

For this year 2014, we have thirty four (34) graduates from nursery to primary school. Of those children eighteen are boys and sixteen are girls. This is a huge success in our efforts  and objectives of the school to strive to balance gender equality in a community that is predominately male sensitive. 

I thank the parents for treasuring our quality education program and bringing their children to our school to learn to fight illiteracy, in-equality and poverty. On 12/6/2014, the Top class students will graduate from nursery to primary section. This is their normal schedule for the end of the academic year to the long vacation of Christmas.

You are most welcome to join us celebrate the first step of these kids to academic degrees , an activity that highly motivates them to the future.

Please once again accept our many greetings from the four nursery school teachers who enjoy their work with the kids.
God bless.
Kesande Joy
Deputy nursery section.

New Nursery School Proposed Site

The year 2014 is ending on a very joyful note for our Nursery kids. There is a project in the making to construct a nursery school they can call their own. For over ten years, they have been generously hosted by their sister Rubanda Solidarity Primary School. " Its our time to have our own nice school", one of the student shouted aloud at the assembly when the idea of constructing a new nursery school was announced to them. Down below you will be able to see in the photos, the proposed site   for the new nursery school. The kids can't wait to see a structure of their own spring up. They forced their teachers to go and have a look and take some snaps. The challenge still is, how to find enough funds. Please join the kids to look at the proposed nursery site below through the photos.

From right: Tr. Joy, Rosette, Angela, Eunice pause for a group photo
with their 85 Nursery Sch. kids  @ the new proposed nursery Site: Dec.2014

Amazing landscape and beauty of Rubanda

Kids with their teachers imagining
 a new school to call their own in this place Dec. 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Kids who need a school to call their own!

Rubanda Solidarity School started operating in 2005 becoming the first private school in Rubanda to curve out a particular program for vulnerable and most disadvantaged children in the community. The school runs two separate programs of education from the same facility:  Nursery and Day and Boarding Primary school education. Our vision remains that of creating and having a better life through offering of equal opportunities for quality education to both girl and boy child alike in the community that is predominately male sensitive.  
We currently use the same provisional facilities for both primary and nursery school students due limited funds to construct an independent nursery school. This has lots of disadvantages as it limits our desire for more care according to different age groups especially the most youngest of them all. 

Our nursery school enrollment age  is six years. However, many times we have exceptions for much younger children who may be having serious social problems and need immediate support. The school hosts  over 310 students who love to call it their second home. The 85 of those kids are in the nursery school and badly in need of facilities and a permanent school to call their own. For they are being generously hosted by the primary school section. 
Our top priority therefore is to fully get engaged locally and globally looking for funds to construct a new nursery school that will provide more space for efficiency and improved environment for healthy development and education. 

Thank you for being interested in our activities to make a difference in the lives of children in Rubanda.

The class view of teacher Angela enjoying
her class work with her middle class kids 11.16.2014

Teacher Rosette and Nursery section deputy Joy
entertain Baby class kids into
 the new day before classes Nov. 16th 2014

Teacher Unice enjoys African story telling with her Middle Class
Candidates to grade( class) one:kids Nov. 2014.

Standing behind L-R are teachers;  Angela, Unice,
Deputy Joy and Rosette pausing for a group photo with their
Nursery School kids 11. 16.2014

Teacher Angela joins smiling Nursery
 School Kids for a group picture 11.16.2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Progressive Candidates since 2012

Hello Visitor, 

These photos below will drive you into the real life at Rubanda Solidarity School. They give you a taste at a glance of our fruits with our kids and their academic performances in a period of three years when we have had the Uganda Primary Leaving Examination (UPLE). Since the begining of our school, ten years ago, our policy has always been, never think of a child's development unless your menu has ingredients to improving their conditions of life, Equal opportunities of quality education for both girl and boy child, integral development ( physical, social, spiritual and academic). Like Aristotle, educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all, we strive to invest all we have for the well being of our children in the school. These are children who would someone else if there were no hearts of love. And love would be meaningless if it did not have the designer. Faith and God are so important to the world of love and peace for all. This is a big drive behind all the difference made. Their health and their school performances tell it all. 

Please, if you are already part of us contributing in any way toward this progress, join the community, staff, children, the US and UG. Yamba Abaana to appreciate all our efforts made so far. And if you are a new visitor, still deciding what your contribution could be, we welcome you to our blogger to learn more about us. Our success is an effort of so many people whom God has blessed with so big and generous  hearts. One day you may be part of us.  Enjoy the photos. 

31 UPLE Candidates for 2015:
For the second time in history we have broken the record of our male culture.
We had more girls than boys in the class of candidacy of 2012 as it will for 2015. 

Out of 31 students, we have 18 girls and 13 boys.
This is a fascinating story in a culture with  
strong male dominance 
even toward quality education.
We are very proud of this progress made toward equality.
We pledge to continue to promote our vision and Mission..
 We wish you a wonderful final year with us at our school .
Remember,  we are praying for you to fly like 

butterflies at your exams this coming year. 

26 UPLE Candidates 2014.
These have just completed their national exams and are waiting for their results.
 They are eleven girls and fifteen boys.
We hope for best results. We know you are sharp and smart kids.
We remember you all in our prayers.

26 UPLE Candidates of 2013 pause with their teachers for a group photo at the school gate.
The results; 22 students scored first distinction while 4 got second.
All passed excellently for higher education.
We are proud of you.

21 UPLE Pioneer Candidates  of 2012. They were 9 boys and 12 girls.
Results: All passed with excellent performance to higher education with
19 students scoring first distinction while two  getting second.
Thank you for laying a very good foundation for our school.
You will always be remembered. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A smiling staff builds a child's future!

Good teachers are mothers and fathers of a nation as parents are to a family.  
 It takes lots of energy and time to find the right people to do the right job. 
Rubanda Solidarity has found that rare team to make a difference. 
That makes our school unique and a welcoming home .
How wonderful it is to have you all. 
Best regards!

2014: Directress Sr. Annamary with some school teachers & Administrator

2014: The Support staff  enjoys employment opportunity offered by our school.
 They are all victims of school drop out due to poverty related issues.
They are so grateful of the opportunity to have a job,
Be able to have a plan of their own, and
Get salary  to improve  their life.
Thank you to all our supporters.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

New E- Kindles arrive

The year 2014 is a tech  year at Rubanda Solidarity School. The Yamba Abaana USA in Partnership with Yamba Abaana Uganda through Rubanda Solidarity are determined to improve the culture of reading at the school by introducing E-Kindle readers. Its  exciting.

The pilot project was initiated in February this same year when a group  of five representatives from the Yamba Abaana USA visited the school. Four E-Kindles were donated by some of the members of the team to start the pilot projects. The results have been incredibly amazing  which have attracted more E-Kindle donations.  Few months down the road, another generous couple donated more seven kindles which have been immediately loaded with 100 books each and shiped to the school. Few weeks later, the E-Kindles arrived at the school and were received with unbelievable joy and excitement by every one at the school. In the photos below you will be able to share that excitement when Brother Kitone is delivering the E-Kindles from Kampala to the head students. As if this is not exciting enough for Rubanda Solidarity School students and staff, another donation of fifty new more E-Kindles is on progress. We will keep you posted.

It must be noted that after few months using the first bitch of the four E-Kindles an evaluation was conducted by the responsible teachers of the project and Diana gave its summary that prompted more donations. Please find the summary of their report here below these photos.
7 E-Kindles of Second Phase delivered at the school

Groups set up to maximize the use of limited E-Kindles 

Teacher Immaculate & Bonaventure instruct the kids on E-Kindle tech. 


Below is the enrollment of pupils studying E-Kindles.

Gr.3    39
Gr.4     47
Gr.5      36
Total    122.

Impact of the project to the School and the community.

On the side of learners, they have been helped to know how to operate the kindles. They know and assist students putting them on and off and searching for the content.

They have known how to use kindles by searching for titles and selecting books of their choice to read.
Learners have improved on fluency because they learn the meaning of new wards under the guidance of the teacher.
They have improved a skill of sharing among themselves because they read in groups hence discussing about new ideas.
They have developed a value of articulation of wards through considering or using the dictionary which is in the kindle.
Learners have liked schooling because they do not want to miss classes in order not to miss kindle lessons.
On the side of teachers, they have been helped to know how to handle learners using English because learners do understand English.
Kindles have helped to promote learner- teacher good relationship because learners are free to ask teachers questions concerning kindles.
Kindles have promoted learner- centered during teaching and learning process     among the learners.

Challenges being faced by the learners and teachers.

1.    The number of Kindles is very small compared to the number of pupils we have. Learners wish to use the kindles but they are not enough and some end up not getting a chance to touch on them.
2.     Due to the inadequacy of kindles, teachers take a lot of time trying to explain to pupils.

Lastly, we continue to thank the members of Yamba Abaana US who have initiated the kindle project which has promoted good things to our learners and teachers as well. We pray that God may continue to guide us all to be able to cooperate together to for the benefits of our children to reach their goals.
May God bless you all.

Diana Orishaba