Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Unity is Power!

Yesterday August 23/ 2015 was another fascinating day at Rubanda Solidarity Nursery/Primary School. As the Yamba Abaana USA has already financed phase one of the two major  projects of Nursery construction and Pumped water, the Yamaba Abaana Uganda yesterday made their day of kind labour contribution on site. They coming from various villages near and far, is a manifestation that they believe in unity as power through US and UG Yamba Abaana programs. "Hand in hand  we will move each other", they say.  The pictures below are of their good time at the school yesterday as  representatives and members of Yamba abaana Ug. They feel proud and project owning when they are involved and actively participate. This is all what Solidarity is all about. We are very grateful to Yamba Abaana that has already done great things for our community and we pledge more and more collaboration with them. See pictures;
Nursery foundation (Dining) work going on

Work for Dormitory foundation

Laying of Volcanic sand for quality floor work
Making column boxes 

Volcanic rocks that are unique for floors as for farming.
Yamba Abaana Brainstorming



 Yamba Abaana Uganda Brainstorming 8/23/2015


Sr. Stella ( back) brainstorming Yamba Abaana members on "Unity is power"

Yamba Abaana with Peace (second front) descending to the work site to join hands

The Yamba Abaana team descends on the building site to
 contribute  transporting materials from miters away to the
 work place. That saves a lot money and creates joy.

Yamba Abaana Uganda is engaged in environmental protection
by improving on tree planting. They are now inspecting
 their seedlings for planting. They lack capital.

Children can't wait to get easy safe drinking water.
Fetching water in the households is their permanent duty

The excited Yamaba Abaana admires the technology
 of the new well under construction. Once ready, water will not only supply
 the school but also the community depending the amount of water available.

The Yamaba Abaana members enjoy the site view and an
explanation of the project plan by a foreman.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Updates for the Nursery School & Water Construction 2015

The Nursery site is gorgeous. Across you will be able to see the
Uganda-DRC High Way Road through Kabale and Bunagana 

A shape of the new Nursery School structures is begrudging to form 

Water Search

Water hole protection

Nursery foundation 


Its now one week over since our two major projects of the construction of  a new Nursery School and an Installation of Pumped water commenced. They are projects that have been waiting for the implantation for  too  long. Lack of enough land and enough funds have taken us over two years trying to figure out what could be the  best solution. Now that we have a piece of land added and some startup funds from our American friends, we can't wait any longer to see them started and complete for use in 2016.  The work is going on steadily and impressive. Its under the supervision of the local partner Engineer Robert Byaruhanga who has given it a high  gear. There is a lot of  excitement that has filled the community and the sky of Rubanda. Water has been the real problem and once found and secured, the water scarcity will be history. Many youths are getting hired with some income to support their education and families.  Please, in the photos below see today's(Aug. 23rd 2015) project updates.

Engineer Robert and the Community in search
 of safe drinking water source

Engineer Robert-center with bag,
and his chief consultant and the community
continue to hunt for safe drinking water

Water source is detected and excavation work begins.
As the community provides land and labour,
Yamba Abaana US has generously donated funds

Technical hole protection is being fixed to avoid any
 dirt or collapse of the wall back into the water

The School directress Sr Annamary and Bursar
have a look at the water pipes ditches to the new nursery school under construction.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

2nd Day of Groundbreaking!

With all excitement for the new nursery school, the construction work has become fan for Rubanda community. There is joy in looking forward to having better and safe facilities, better attention and quality performance of children in the new nursery school. Its not easy to find a job in Rubanda. The youths are so excited at the project. They are all fighting to work and earn some money as they serve the community. The photos below speak by themselves. Enjoy them and journey with us in Rubanda at our school.

The community path to relocate
The community rAdd caption


Friday, August 14, 2015

Students Study Trip 2015

The 2015 students had their chance and fun to go to Kasese for their study trip. Walk with them through the photos:

Groundbreaking for the New Nursery School

We are getting there. Work has begun. After spending years looking and negotiating over the land and site of our new nursery school, we are finally breaking the ground. The school  kids, community and all staff can't wait to see it a reality. They are all amazed of what kind of miracles love and unity can do. Its because of the efforts of both Yamba Abaana USA and Yamba Abaana Uganda that these miracles are happening. Yes, the invisible God is always in the background as he blesses and supports our every engagement. Photos tell it better!

Purchasing Land for a New Nursery School

There is great joy in Rubanda community after news was broken out that the long awaited concept of a new nursery school had finally found a home by finding a site land. In the following photos are some of the school administrations, community representatives and land owner touring the expected new home of our little ones before the agreement is made. The community of Rubanda can't find  enough words to thank all those who are behind the purchase of this land.

The school directress Sr Anamary leads Mr Kabunduguru nd Mr Buhazi,
community elders through the boundaries of the land before purchase  
 as Mr Kadogo (Owner) and School Bursar (bending) look on.
Land owner Mr Kadogo-front L walks next to the
school H/T Mr. Asiimwe   as he leads them to the new land 

The school  bursar Mr .Kabananura points at the land
 demarcation to mark and avoid any foreseen future land conflicts