Sunday, March 8, 2015

The School Alumni start with horrific vigor

Another new fascinating activity has been launched at our Rubanda Solidarity School. Its the Alumni program. Its aimed at bringing all our school leavers back to their former school, renew their belonging, build a spirit of support and community development. Inspired Fr. Dominic shared his vision and goal for this new Alumni program with Sr. Stellamaris Kyasiimire and Mr. Rogers Orishaba who articulately supported it. On January 23-24 2015, the first gathering  of former students since 2012 was conducted with 58 students attending gracing the launching. It was noted at the gathering that all students who completed their studies at our school passed their exams with excellency and have all joined high education (known as secondary education in the national system).
The program of the two days included:
  • Socializing and self-introduction
  • Inputs from different speakers on topics such as the following;
  • Challenges of the Youths today
  • How youth cope up with their today's challenges in Rubanda
  • The comparison between the former and the current school of students present,
  • Identifying the different gifts God has given to each individual student
  • Finding out the reasons why God gave each individual those unique gifts
  • Sharing on What and How each individual student wants his/her future to be
There was time for soccer and handball between boys and girls to bring back their old memories and strengthen their ties as they forge a head to meet at the next meeting.
At the conclusion of the two days program, excited students gave a testimony of having found new opportunity of remaining in touch with their former friends and school. They committed themselves to cut on their meager spending and save for their next meeting that was scheduled for late January 2016. There was a common ambition to look at the school as something that has contributed much of who they are now and will be in the future. All promised to support the school as much as they now and in the future. A team of leaders was formed to coordinate their next Alumni meetings and activities in the future. The gathering was concluded with lots thanks and praise.

 In the first photo below, welcome to the beauty of the Morning Sun in Uganda. It brightens the way of early travelers and provides confidence to the unknown. Indeed, is Education today in the lives of young travelers, the children. Play your part. Nothing is never too little.

Life is a journey you have to walk

You have to walk with a purpose
Girls'  preparing to face boys soccer team at the Alumni

Boys do their part as well. No one walks for another.
Even this good companion has its duty in life.

Learning how to be useful is the way to go
Young girls in Rubanda learn how to play soccer as well.

Visions begin at an early age.
This young boys is already envisioning how to defend his own future team 

Use gifts to multiply gifts. This is what life is all about.
Boys get ready to face girls and prove that we are all equal and the image of God

Last touches on training to defend life. Life is a gift to die for.

Its a serious day. Know one has it all. In true life we need one another

The girls' coach is pondering on what would  happen of they win.
Life is a win or a lose. You have a big part to play.

Planning a soccer strategy is like planning your future.
Sometimes you have to turn your back away from your peer groups.

Business in the field. In life, one may feel lonely or others at a distance,
invisible. Don't give up on something good. Even if it means dying harder.

Those girls seem to be overrunning the boys, while this young boy lives by each moment.
Do not be overwhelmed by your past and get lost in the future. Live fully now in your present.

These ladies are defending a penalty. Some episodes in life may seem heavier than penalties
To succeed, develop an art of how to block obstacles from invading your life.
Maintain your smile though. For you will live longer.

Another team of girls enjoying hand ball that turns to be soccer ball.
At times you may seem snatched of your precious ball of life.
Find time some space and visualize better.
 It may still be around  you or lost in the clouds.  That's not the end.
You can get your ball back intact.

Venensia is the champion of the day being coached by sports Tr. Joy.
At a certain time in life we were all under guidance, but life is in your hands.
 You have to steer the wheel. For each one has his own.

They can't wait to lay their hands on the ball.
Thirst for a good future and work hard for it. It will certainly come but not without patience.

Timely watch of the ball in the air.
Yes, that life that seemed so lost may be closer back. Are you aware of it?

Setting the ball is not as simple as kicking it.
Life takes lots of time and energy to construct but could take the shortest to destroy.
 Set yourself firm.

Teacher Joy illustrates how winning can come about.
Do the best you can and leave the rest to God with his timely wisdom.

Walking under a rolling ball requires an art in sports.
This lady is seemingly walking under life's stress but a miracle drops the very ball
 she was looking for. Never give up on a good cause. Keep on walking, you are never a lone.
The on High is watching over you.

Incredible handballers with a ball just next to the ear.
In life each one has his own place closer or away from the ball.
Being aware of how close or far away is what matters.
It keeps you searching or hanging on to it.
Slapping the ball for a win. Life can seem to be like a gambling game.
But with the help of the one who provides strength miracles happen.

A trainee training her teammates.
The best way to receive gifts is the determination to give what you have and cherish.

Cheering the champion of the day energizes for heroism.
Giving a credit where it deserves is the weapon away from pride, greed, jealousy and envy.

Girls accurately do the needful to win.
We are all aiming at the same ultimate goal in front of us.
But remember each one has to put in his own effort.  

Rogers trains his son how to be a future Goalkeeper.
The responsibility to the young belongs to every person.

Training in action.
You were once that much and someone helped you to where you are today.
Don't sit back. Do such to someone else who needs your support.
You will once again need it some day.

Girls of young generation in Rubanda learn how to play soccer for the first time.
Life means learning new things. To be beneficial, think of what you can do for others.

       Nature that never lets you down in Uganda.
See below!

The Morning Sun that brightens the day for motorists.
Do not underrate darkness. Always pray for the Light from on high.

Jackfruits that treat life in Uganda. Life is a gift and nature is its treatment.
 Take care for environment because its for your own good.

As the sun rays penetrate through the jack tree canopy so is to our skin into the heart.
Keep your heart responsive to its warmth.

Free from any fear, life can be so enjoyable.
 Remember each person is ought to be his neighbor's keeper no matter your direction. 

Alumni get into groups for discussion on today's youth challenges.
 Sharing life with others can be consoling.
For each individual has his own life experience to share that may be similar
 or unique for a break through. Don't invest any energy in loneliness. It just starves you to death.

Listen and learn

Pondering hard for a better change is the way to go each time people meet to share.

             Enjoy Short Entertainment Videos
                                       These three videos are all associated with our school on its
                                               Thanksgiving celebrations in the past years.

Max overlooks an over head hanging ball.
Stay attentive in life even if what you have been holding on seems to be vanishing.

This is the beauty of Rubanda.
 Life is beautiful. Take care of it.
Enjoy it as much as God has given it to you. Always don't forget that its in His hands.

Venensia handles the ball as she trains others.
Once you attain something in life, guard yourself against selfishness. Someone may
 be thirsting for it. Share it out so that it may multiply in plenty and never have to be  snatched away
 from you by robbers who want it alive or dead.  

Accidents are part of the game but first aid is a responsibility of every neighbor.

The Game continues.....

Monday, February 23, 2015


Warm Ups For E-Reader Training!
It’s wonderful to see how technology is changing rural Rubanda community. Two years ago, Rubanda Solidarity Association ventured in introducing tech books in her school known as Rubanda Solidarity Nursery and Primary School. The process has been slow but sure with a pilot project started with a donation of five E-Reader books (Kindles) by a generous family in 2013 from Grants Pass in USA. They were loaded with 100 books each. The goal of the project was to find out how rural students would perceive tech books and what kind of impact it would make in improving their reading passion in a population that does little.

 A year later, the results were overwhelmingly surprising. There was high demand for more E- reader books at the school to carter for the growing number of interests students and staff in to an extent of scrambling to have a look. Weeks later, another generous family from Grants Pass donated more six E-reader books that were loaded with 150 books each. The demand of more E-Readers became a clear evidence that the project was very interesting to the kids. But what remained to be proved out was to find out to what extent would be the impact as regards quality education that is being spearheaded by Rubanda Solidarity School in the community. Indeed, the impact has already been felt by the superseeding numbers of students and teachers interested in the devices and the mastery of the usage. With this good news, Yamba Abaana USA, which is a new support organization to Rubanda Solidarity, began a fundraising project for more 50 E-Reader books loaded with 200 books each.

 The fundraising project was completed by the beginning of 2015 when Yamba Abaana USA went ahead to organize a partnership with Worldreader organization that spearheads the E-Reader program  to purchase the devices, load them with 200 suitable books each and ship them to Rubanda Solidarity School in South Western Uganda in a little village called Rubanda. Few days later, the books had arrived safely in Uganda and were delivered to the school. The Worldreader in partnership with Rubanda Solidarity then organized a launching project that took place between 5-7 of February at the school premises.  The Worldreader director of Easter African projects Joan Mwachi animated the training and foresaw the colorful Launching ceremony. The Launcnhing  was indeed  a vibrant and community transformational Day that Rubanda Solidarity School will live to remember.

At the Launching, the director of the school Rev. Fr. Dominic tumusiime who was so excited to see the project standing on its feet, thanked all those who made it possible and the day what it was. He welcomed all those present including government, religious and community leaders saying that it was a historical moment in Rubanda to converge in order to talk about technology books. In a special way, he thanked the Yamba Abaana USA, Worldreader, Rubanda Solidarity, the Community, and all those present who came to grace the Launching Day. He also thanked the school staff, parents and students for the great effort they are investing in quality education for children through the school. Their efforts are being rewarded with good the performances of their school in the district and the nation with with our students qualifying with a hundred percent performance to join high school education. Gifts were also given out to students and the staff for 2014 best performance.

There was also an peal from the Director for extra responsibility from the school administration, students and the community in caring for the E-Readers because they were a precious gift to the community meant to benefit everyone in a long run. They are a fruit of many generous people's sweat. Fr. Dominic also requested for more cooperation from parents and all present to seek quality education a priority. It's the children's life transforming power to come out of the current chronic poverty eating up individuals and the whole community.  He emphasized that investing in equal and quality education for both boy and girl child is one of the main hinges of of the existence of Rubanda Solidarity and we will have to continue to work together to reach this goal. It’s the only way of stamping out rampant stereotype attitudes of injustices between men and women in the community.

He requested them to look at the school enrollment on the notice board and see how the numbers between boys and girls are now almost drawing equal.

 Once again thank you so much for having labored so hard to make this project possible and to you who is contemplating how to help, you are welcome aboard.

 Please follow the occasion through the photos of the training and launching activities. 

Teachers on E-reader training Class Feb. 5/2015
Managers: From L-R Rogers, Immaculate and Innocent Feb. 2015

Everybody love it. On Training is Tr. Amos- front L (dean)
 Tr. Joy-C. ( Nursery deputy) and Innocent R-H/T

Trainer Ms Joan Mwachi with some of the Teachers on training

Head Teacher gets actively involved in the Kindle Training class

Everybody is excited about the E-Reader technology

Upper school grades (5-7) attending a Training

Students can't wait to handle an E- Reader during the training

Joan animating the training class

Some of the basic questions of the training posted on a blackboard  

Joan trains Bonaventure as a younger trainee.

H/T takes the centra stage for training

Bonaventure enters into a training session

Teacher Immaculate  is one of the Mangers on training the students

Students touching the screen for the first time in their life

Black boards, chocks and sponges
are still common  tools in a class in ugandan schools

Trainees ready to train 

Students excited at the training

Joan and the Trainees combine effors for excellent delivery to students

Teacher Amos supervises the students on training

The training was really fun for the students

Excited kids on seeing the ipad light up

They can't believe what they are seeing. "Its amazing", they screemed.

Blessing every success is an African art of wisdom to future successes.
Interdependence is a value without which an African can live.
We all depend on God first.
Student animates the school chior during a launching prayer services

Celebrating the E-Reader Launching Service with the district's
 local chairman representative Mary  and
 renowned community leader Mrs Topista present.

Some of the religious, friends and
community members who were present on the launch.

Children like fun. Its better remembered.

Fr. Dominic and Director of the school confering Certificates to the trainees.

Professor and Engineer Sabit addressing the community
on new opportunities of technology books in Rubanda.

Professor Sabit demonstrates how technology has transformed many communities

Former directress and co-founder of the school Sr Stellamaris
 and her succeessor Sr Beatrice also were present on the launching ceremony.

The Guest of Honor Ms Mary c- next to
East African Worldreader Director L-
admiring the E-Reader initative in Rubanda.

The incumbent school directress Sr. Anamary
Tibihirika addresses the visitors on the launching day.

The PTA Chairperson Mr. Xavier addressing the particpants 

The School Management Chair person Sr. Stellamaris
 addresses the public on the vision of the school.

The Guest of honor Ms Mary takes up the stage 

The Guest of honor invites the parents of  Fr. Dominic
 for recognition for a job well done in upbringing and educating their son.
Without him, this school wouldn't be here and we could  not have had the opportunity
 to be present today, she said. Father Dominic is the principle founder ten years ago
 and director of the school that is truly transforming the community

The parents of Fr. Dominic (C) gracing the occasion

The Guest of Honor  handing over certificates to the
best school performers of PLE 2014 as the director looks on.

Ms Peace L- joins the E-Reader trainees 

The School Director Fr. Dominic Joins
the trainees for a group photo after their training

The best students on the training smile

Girls can also perform just as  excellent as boys when it comes to technology

Boy students proud of being themselves to a bright future

This student wants to reach high with techology.
 " I can't wait to read all the books in my Kindle",
he exclaims as he returns it into its cage. 

Bright women of tomorrow put their hands on technology today

Very inspiring new teacher Amos admires
how the E-Readers technology is bringing life into the community.

The school bursar C- and administrators being introduced
 into a new accounting  system for better financial management and transperancy.

The RSDA's new accountant Mr.Tadeo-R briefing the administration of his expectations.

Kids who gaze at their bright future with confidence.
They just need true parental support to their  destiny.

Community Leaders of tomorrow are today's children at our school.
 Just wait for tomorrow.

How wonderful is God in his creatures. Kids are perfect images of God.

The Director joins the school administration and
 the PTA executive for a group photo
after their regular meeting to deliberate on the school matters

The DAILY School Board register of attendance Feb, 10th 2015
Gender equality is our precious goal. Compare our numbers.

PTA executive surveys a proposed land for a new nursery school construction

PTA surveying for a suitable land for a new nursery school construction.

Kids just love fun no matter where.
Our school provides an excellent opportunity.

Innocent as he looks, he is trully God's image

The Director enjoys a fun photo with the school kids.
It relaxes their minds after strenuous books.
Look at how funny these great kids can be at our school.

E-Reader books are not only admired by kids.
Its atransformational power to everyone.

Enjoy fun teeth or no teeth

Enjoy the African art of  free smiles

What's there that moves you to smile? The future is great. Keep walking.

Here, suffocation is of highest risk because of
 lack of enough room for social moments

Tomorrow is made up of today's pieces.
Can you imagine what the future holds for these kids?  

How lucky are these kids!
They have the right to enjoy laughter and smiles with their school's Director  who is a missionary
 in USA and comes back home  once a year to visit them. They are very much aware  
that out are many children as them but  whose life opportunities are not as
 fortunate as theirs. They know that they have been greatly blessed not only
  by being in a school but of good quality. They all have reasons to be jolly
 as they read their books. Staying  shoulder to shoulder with  their 
 school Director reveals a child's thirst for love.
They are great Kids with all sorts of amazing gifts and imagination.
All want to be great.

Happiness is a gift to pass on to others -especially the little ones like these

How important we are meant to be the care takers of others especially the little
 ones and the needy.That's what we exist for.We have the mandate to shelter
 one another regardless of  place, age, gender or cost.

School life is essential in a child's life today more than ever before.
Unfortunately, they are so many poor kids in Uganda and in Rubanda
who miss out this  important life requirement.  Those children missing the opportunity
are already  condemned to die with their potentials buried in them. Someone, somewhere must help out.
Someone with a generous soul to create a smile on the faces of those little ones. For those who
are already doing it, its self explanatory on the faces of the children you support. Thank you. And please
 if you are someone who is still pondering  of what you could do, contact us by Visiting our website at:

These are some of the few children in Uganda who smile and are proud of who they are. 
Many indeed are full of tears due to extreme poverty in their families into the future.
They have nothing to call investment or their own and no hope to hang on.

Proud of being in a good school

Ms Leticia, on the machine is one of the successful trainees
of Rubanda Solidarity in life skills who back in 2005 who never stops 
to be grateful of the opportunity she received through the life-skills training several
 years ago. Today, her life depends on those skill she acquired for a life long living.
She also contributes to the school by making the uniforms.

See the beauty of growign up. Along the way, we all lose something.
 Could be a tooth or something else. No matter what you lost or will lose,  always maintain
  your self esteem. With the Lord on your side new opportunities will  come  your way and you will make it.