Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I am back from home to home

There is no home better than home. On January 9th, last year I left my home in Saco, Maine to Rubanda in South Western Uganda. Indeed its always exciting to be home as much as it was equally hard to say goodbye to friends amidst doubts of coming back. Indeed many friends in Saco and Biddeford were for of a reminder, " please don't forget to come back".  Six weeks later I am back full of new energy to serve. It was fun to be home in Uganda as it always renews my spirit when I spend my vacation days rendering service to my home community as well. Please in the gallery below have a glimpse of some of the many activities that made my fun.







Saturday, December 3, 2016

Our students break off to their families

Dear friends,
Today our school has closed the academic year 2016. After hard work, students needed a break that is the longest holiday in the year. They are expected back in the school the first week of February 2017. All students are excited for their holidays because their are each carrying good news back home to their parents and siblings. They have physically grown but also academically promoted to higher grades. There is no more happiness to students more than this. Its very exciting for them to go back to their families and start narrating about their life stories and successes. Their families in turn, are eagerly waiting to hear the great news of growth and academic excellence our school provides.  
The new academic year that has closed with a special graduation ceremony of the Kindergarten Top class students to primary education, has ushered them to higher grades in the new academic year 2017. They can't wait to see themselves back to school to join grades in new classrooms. Its greatly said that the ended academic year has been wonderful but economically challenging as well. There have been an extraordinary lengthy drought unseen in many years in the past with negative consequences of hiked prices and early closure of the school to expenditure. 

Thank you everyone for your most valued financial and moral support in this past year as well. I  wish you a Merry I Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please here below, enjoy the photos of our children closing prayer and graduation ceremony 2016. And keep our 2016 candidates in your prayers as they anxiously wait for their national examination results due soon from the Ministry of education and sports. We are all eagerly waiting for the best results with confidence to excellent performance.
 Fr Dominic Tumusiime

Tr. Angela (stands behind) guiding Kindergarten candidates (standing)
as primary kids sit looking on for graduation ceremony
           Entertainment son
Tr. Joy, R calls names of candidates
Tr. and head of the Kg Joy (R) reads out the names
as Mr Kanyanjojo (PTA) c/man hands the certificates
 to graduands as parents pause for a pic
The school chaplain prays and talks to the students
 before they break off for their vacation

Below: Teachers, guest of honor  and individual parents pause for photos of the day.

               Quality education for all is our pride and hope for vulnerable children.
                                                    Stay blessed!