Sunday, June 19, 2016

Join us to move to the new school!

The front view of the new  nursery school from the gate with hydro electric power turned on

Our newly constructed nursery class block

The new dormitory block connected with the hydro electric
 power that may not be very reliable ( always off and on). A back up is wise> 

Newly installed 3 water tanks to provide safe drinking water
to the nursery, primary and community. Each tank holds 5000 liters..
The community is so grateful to the generosity of Yamba Abaana US
 and all our donors in the USA. 

Pumped safe drinking water arrives at the school laundry yard

We do not want to take chances. This tank is to harvest rain water as
 our second source for having enough water or encase of any
breakdown in our pumped water system.

Older primary kids help the nursery kids to shift to their new campus

These little kids are so excited  about their new school.

Both primary and nursery school  students are excited about shifting.
Primary students will have more space and nursery students say
 they will enjoy the privileges of their young age especially meals and less noise.

Nursery kids enjoy their first meal in the new dinning hall  with new furniture

Their joy adds to the appetite

The class sitting set up!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

life skills, the way to go!

With the levels of unemployment growing high, many students in Rubanda are learning how to cope up with the situation. Its becoming more and more visible to see students going through high education and going back  home to be a burden once again to their parents or go to the streets, jobless. Life is becoming tough for them and seems there is no quick answer to fix it. The young people however, are getting more smart. They are now thinking out new ways of skills to fight the problem. Their attitudes are changing. The old stereotype notions of education that provided white color jobs even while one was still in school is changing is a legend. Days are far gone when every person who went to high education, ended up urban cities, in an office and good pay. Today skills and self employment seem to be the way to think and go for majority youth to quench off this employment scourge. In the gallery below, please find Angelo, a high school leaver that has lived the rest of his life hunting for a job. He finally decided to invest his remaining time and energy in gardening skills. He hopes that if all goes well, he will be self employed, produce food for his family and save some of it for his children's education. His goal is to make life different for his kids by shaping them into skill lovers.  

Angelo inspects his worst garden enemies ( insects and rats)
In less than half a year Angelo smiles over his garden
and prays that natural disasters don't fall on him. 
Another group of high school students is investing in
potatoes gardening project during their vacation
Water is an issue in Rubanda community, Engineers Robert (R) inspecting
 the youth he is empowering in basement construction.
They are building a water tank stand to raise the height, create
  a gravity force for a recently concluded hand dug and pumped water well.

A youth from the technical college cuts bars for
making a ring beam for the water tank stand!

In Rubanda not only boys are searching and hunting for employment.
Girls have also joined the band as education for girls
 also shoots records in the community.
Of late skills have become the most precious option to save
the young generation yearning for employment in Rubanda.
These girls are eager to learn any kind of skill that employs them,
fetches money and makes life better.

Rosette (L), a University student, Viola(M) and Gloria (R)
are both in 11th grade students eager to make a future difference.
 But they have to struggle to engage in skills during their vacation as an
add point and production for family livelihood.

Martin (front) is following in the footsteps, learning how to
handle a hoe to make life better

A one day's enormous work done.
Hard life but rewarding when one is enjoying the fruits of his own sweat.
Methodius (front) is a grade five student learning how to work too.
He wonders what next.

During their vacation Anthony (front)  a student at the school of mechanics
joins Jenifer (m) a nursery teaching student and Alex a seminarian to
prepare the ground for potato gardening to assist their elderly
grandparents who can't work any more but have to eat.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Find God on Mt Hood, Oregon-USA

Climbing Mt Hood past Timberline is soul uplifting

Lord where are you?
Life is a mystery. Above here is snowy and dry  below
is snow and green on the same hill at the same time

Green or dry, God is the care taker

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Energy Saving Stove and gutter fixture complete

Environmental degradation in Rubanda has become one of the major topics of concern these days. Wetlands and swamps have been reclaimed for farming, forests cut down for firewood and construction and hills stripped bear to the advantage of torrential rains sweeping a cross the hills with the worst soil erosion. Hence energy saving stoves provide some solution to the rampant deforestation and soil erosion that are a major threat to life in Rubanda.   Here below is a type of the energy saving stove that is being constructed at the new kitchen of our new nursery school.

The  new nursery school view from a distance the lower part from the
 gate to the opposite side right to the toilets fortified with a brick
 fence and the upper side with poles and timber for temporary fencing.  

Water harvesting from the roof  is  taken seriously.
With the gutters fixture complete, we hope to waste no drop of water.
Gutters around  the dormitory roof to harvest water
 to the laundry tank and for toilets
Engineer Robert inspects the newly constructed energy saving stove before use.

Terrazzo  has been applied to coat the stove to make it more resistant
 to daily high temperatures of heat and  give it an eye catching  look! 

                  The Terazzo to be used as a coating for the new stove to give a
 descent look and protect it from clacking
The new nursery school Energy Saving Stove  almost complete

The new Energy Saving Stove being set up

Toilets and Bathrooms getting ready for use this coming 2nd term in June

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Once Groundbreaking now Complete!

There is no great joy for a worker than to look back and see the work of his hard labor well done and complete, no matter the challenges he had to go through. The pictures below speak volumes. It has been done. Many many thanks to the Yamba Abaana USA and our well coordinate generous donors from US and the globe. You have made all what the world sees possible. We are proud of each one of you. The community of Rubanda on the ground, you make the donors proud when each and every penny they give with so much a sacrifice is translated into real food for the needy. You boost our donors's spirit of love and generosity. Keep on the good work done through Rubanda Solidarity. Robert Byaruhanga, our contractor and your team, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. The colors to our new buildings add greatly to the state of art and beauty of your profession. Let unity remain our powerful tool to continue to accomplished all our plans, mission towards our lasting vision. Our nursery school students can't wait to dance and use their new premises beginning this second term year ( June). Thank you so very much.   

The Ugandan Crane Bird inspects developments in her
homeland Rubanda by Rubanda Solidarity in partnership with Yamba Abaana

                          Side safety dormitory door

Front boys & girls dormitories

    Infirmary & nurse's room
Head teacher's & Staff room

Side front view of the new dormitory

Nurse's and infirmary rooms (L) Dinning (M),
kitchen( front) facing the dormitories (R)
                                                   Energy saving stove on construction
Chimney base being set

The Community group of the seniors: mothers and fathers
gather at the school  for a meeting of social support.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Books and Necklace Skills

Books aren't enough for kids in this modern world of acute necessity of skills and lack of employment. Children  from poor families battling chronic poverty need an education that is more than books and makes a difference in their lives. Rubanda Solidarity School is looking into this matter with keen interest and concern. We are championing skills as an important added value to the traditional school syllabus that engages students into theories. Skills motivate students because they introduce the students to creative skills and income. They also sharpen their brains to business mind and creative thinking. Coping up with the modern world where school education is becoming a necessary global tool to survive in an increasing competitive struggle and in an unemployment environment as a big challenge, skills are a way to go to provide knowledge that is easier, practical, community service oriented and quicker to bring in income a difference in their lives. Among the many skills provide for our students, there are " Necklaces" made out of re-recyclable materials as seen in the pictures below. Teachers Immaculate and Peace coordinate the project and are so excited because the project builds the mind of the young, makes income and motivates the children as they start to earn from within the school for their planned needs. Another excitement  having support from the administration our foreign friends who are more than willing to find market for our hand made products at a reasonable and sure price. Please follow our galleys in a classroom of skills.

                        The Yamba Abaana Chair Lady instructs kids how to handle a paper cutter
                          for making necklaces from recyclable papers.
Teacher Immaculate(Standing L) with her friend instructing kids on necklace making

Students busy in skill's class 
A mother from the community comes to volunteer to teach students necklace skills. Kids enjoy her.

Teacher Immaculate (R) joins students for a class work
Kids proud of their own making
The Chair lady of Yamba Abaana Uganda joins the kids for fun oAdd caption

                      Peace enjoys the color of her new          The nurses's room, infirmary,
                         room next to the infirmary room           & kitchen