Wednesday, July 13, 2011

18 Children struck by thunder storm @ Ugandan schools

 Imagine being struck by these electric fires!

Thunder storm hits Western Uganda: June 2011

Last month of June has been a hard time for children in Ugandan schools.

Just on one trick alone 17 pupils and their teacher; 15 girls and 3 boys were killed in western Uganda by a thunder lightening. The thunder storm has hit the region as its said by the experts from the international and Uganda meteorologists that Uganda lies in the pron area.

The children were struck as they sheltered in their classroom against heavy rains that interrupted their lunch time . Its said that in some other places, other people and animals have been killed with over 36 people left injured  and hospitalized in various hospitals and clinics in the affected areas.

In the past years, the government alerted all public institutions especially schools to install thunder arr-esters against this natural disaster. However, until now one wonders how many schools have done this due to the simple reasons ranging from meager financial resources, lack of prioritization and perhaps ignorance and cultural myth surrounding thunder lightening and stricking.

Rubanda Solidarity Nursery/Primary school shares this problem as its geographically located within this pronebelt. The administration and our kids spend sleepless nights and days as soon as rains start preparing to pour. The institution that accommodates over 260 children of whom 180 are boarders has only been able to install one of its wings arresters that covers about 10% of the total structures we have.

When the skies begin to form rainy dark clouds, heavens start to bang, kids start to scream. They resist to go to sleep in their beds in case it rains at night and they are struck unaware.

Its the administration's concern to actively and aggressively  respond to the government's precautions against this natural disaster prevent fears, preventable infirmities  and death by installing the thunder arresters but not until we have enough funds.

Its a a serious and urgent problem that threatens the children safety and so needs the support and concern of everyone close aware of impact causes to children and the community living in such an environment and fear of being struck by thunder fires at any time.

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God bless.

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