Thursday, April 19, 2012

Humble Beginnings of 2005

2005; Welcome to kids
I will never forget the experience of 2005 that followed the announcement of beginning Rubanda Solidarity nursery and primary school. As the voice of Kigezi (VOK) radio roared the beginning of the school we got an influx of people. Some were brought by enthusiastic parents and guardians but others come because their children pestered them for a new school. 

We received over two hundred kids in a single day and yet we had no premise of our own than a little rented shelter. Our decision was to take a few and return the rest of the kids home. It was the most saddening time I ever saw. Telling a kid who is happy to go to school to go back home. It was disappointing.
200: Negotiating the house rent

As time has proved, it's incredible how we often under estimate the size of a mustard see.  Rubanda Solidarity school began like a mustard seed that now is attracting many birds from near and far. The school that began with 90 students for a study year under a tree is now hosting 286 and only limited funds and space.

It began on foreign grounds, grew to hired field and slowly by slowly extended its roots into its own humus soils. This has taken us a journey of eight year with roots digging deeper.

2005: Orphans arrive at the school
 See the string of snaps captured as far back as eight years ago in 2005.

2005: Welcome to kids at a new school

2005: A new toy to attract kids to school

2005: School administration

2005: Children receive school uniform

2005: School staff

2005: out door kitchen

2005: Our new kitchen

2005:Children enjoy new facilities

2005: PTA Committee

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