Sunday, December 16, 2012

Second KG Graduation 2012

Congratulations to all our graduands!

Please, join the parents and Rubanda Solidarity Nursery/Primary School administration to congratulate the 28 kids who successfully made it to grade/class one this year. They are cute. These children follow their 21old friends who made it last year 2011. We are very proud of them as they make our service real and the future bright. Please enjoy some of the snaps below taken during their graduation ceremony on December 2nd 2012.

From right Fr. Charles Lwanga, district inspector of schools, Sr. Beatrice and Mr. Innocent the head teacher hand certificates to the graduands 12.02.2012

Sr. Stellamaris and Teachers Angela look on as children pause for their group photo after graduation. Our school objective is to provide equal education opportunities for both boy and girl child. For the first time we have  equal gender numbers of 14/14 children in a class for both boys and girls.

 The guest of honor, Kabale district chief inspector of schools 2nd right, Rector St. Adrian's seminary and school chaplain Fr. Bonifance Katatika grace the graduation and admire children's' plays. 

Kids line up for lunch to join their graduands to celebrate

Parents look on as kids push through dust during sunny seasons and mud during rains with limited safe drinking and washing water.

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