Monday, May 6, 2013


Its a amazing to see how Love and Compassion work in a human soul.

After teacher Barbara Busch at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Medford showed a slide to her kids of how  hard life is at Rubanda Solidarity School kids in Western Uganda, she was amazed to see the reaction of her school kids. What great ideas come out of these kids' hearts. We are pleased to attach some of the pictures of their activities. They decide to take action, design a brick walled house and start work. See below.

The kids of Sacred Heart Catholic School  in Medford-USA are moved to compassion and action after learning about how hard life and much is lacking at their peers' school in Uganda. They decide to take action, design a brick walled house and start work.
They made up their mind to set up a mission with a provision of a "Brick(s)" to each child in Uganda with commitments to save some candies and chocolates, spare free sometimes to reach out for the new mission sales, contact their generous friends and families, extra. The project that began with one brick is now counting 1400 over in the shortest period of time. Its amazing.

The goal of these kids to hip up 90,000 bricks and able to save their peer kids in Uganda of dust, sun, rain, studying under trees or shamble huts. They are also very concerned to see kids who run through the day with no meal or one meal a day for those who are lucky. They can't keep their eyes open seeing slides of their fellow kids scrambling for scarce,dirty and unsafe drinking water from the ponds. It's a moving situation that speaks to the kids quite clearly. As they grow they discover different realities going on in our global world. These kids could not imagine how over five kids could sit on one bench in class and all scrambling for one available text book. That's just a piece of it.

Thank you Barbara for this program and your motherly thought that leads to a brighter future to all our kids of both communities (US and Uganda). In no way can we forget your fellow staff and administration at the Sacred Heart School who are providing and supporting this great opportunity.   Thank you all.

The seeds you are sowing stand the test of times because they are being sown in the hearts of children who have the longest life a head of them.
May God continue to bless the work of our hands. "United we Succeed". Please have a look below.

The Sacred Heart School Kids making a sale to get a  "Brick" for Uganda. They have already a hip of 1400.

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