Saturday, July 13, 2013

Soccer field in progress

On Friday 8.2.2013 our School team scored 2:2 to God cares school at kandihe community soccer ground. Below is Rubanda Solidarity younger stars team that made the surprise. They are proving out to be the young Cranes in Rubanda. Their greatest hope is to see their new soccer field ready so they can have daily field practice. Thank you Yamba Abaana USA and Uganda for all your efforts to fulfill the hopes of these young-stars. Long live to all of our supporters.

School soccer teams with locally sponsored uniform 2013

School kids in a papyrus swamp collecting papyrus sticks & leaves for Thanksgiving decoration Jan. 2013

School soccer teams get final logistics before a completion that  brought in 2:2

Teacher Salvius gives final coaching techniques to his team before a soccer competion.

Children work on their new field adding their contribution to that of their parents and Yamba Abaana US July 2013

 Teaching kids how to fish is what makes quality education best at  Rubanda Solidarity school July 2013

The Yamba Abaana Uganda is keeping the soccer field work in progress while the Yamba Abaaba US keeps a close eye and support to the community development. "We need the field ready for our  kids by next year 2014" says one of the community members. Here below is the progress in Rubanda through pictures.
Yamba Abaana Uganda group working on the soccer field take a rest in the field to quench the thirst with a soft drink 2013.
YA  group busy working on the new soccer field 2013

Using a hoe is tough for a vast area of land. Unity is the only solution to success.

Sister Annamary, School Directress(L) joins the YA women to level the new soccer filed 2013

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