Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blessings for a successful UPLE !

October 27th 2013 was a special day for our UPLE candidates. This year, unlike last year when we had just 21 candidates who sat for UPLE exams we have 29 candidates. Its a amazing to see how kids love to integrate academic with faith and skills at our school. Each has its own place and time. And October 27 was just for prayer. Parents, school staff, visitors and students of lower classes joined Fr. Elias Kiwanika to pray and bless the 29 candidates a week before their exams. The sitting of their exams between Nov. 4th-5th will also mark the end of their stay at our school since they have to join secondary education. They will miss the school they had called their home for ten years. Right now the atmosphere is full of mixed  feelings. Those leaving have many things to miss especially  the friendship they had built for years. Parting from a school that cared is like life to start all over again  However life has to continue if progress has to occur. Enjoy the pictures of the week.

Praying for the candidates Nov. 27th 2013
29 candidates of 2013 pause with their teachers for their last group photo
Fr. Elias Kiwanuka joins the kids for a blessing dance Nov. 27/ 2013
Kids line up to enjoy the improved menu with Rice, beef and g,nuts sauce 2013
29 candidates make their last study trip to St. Maria Tereza Nov.29th 2013
Grade six proudly prepare for 2014 candidacy with new solar light
Students happily enjoying the new solar light at their night study session 2013.
A mother joins the school kids for a kiga traditional dance of blessings 2013
Candidates present their scholastic items for a blessing 2013

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