Friday, December 13, 2013

3rd Nursery school Graduation 2013

This year December 7 marked the 3rd Graduation of our kindergarten top class pupils to primary one. Its an incredible motivation in the life of our school children and a step forward in our advancement in providing quality education services. Please go through the graduation pictures.
Kindergarten kids graduate to primary education @ Rubanda Solidarity school 12-7-2013
A Kindergarten teacher accompanies her class to an intertainent song at the graduation12-7-2013

The school Directress Sr. Annamary presents the graduates 12-7-2013
The graduates at their graduation receiving their awards 12-7-2013

Parents curious to witness the graduation ceremony of their kids 12-7-2013
Teacher Angella mentors her class for an entertainment at the graduation 12-7-2013

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