Friday, May 9, 2014

Enjoy a trip to Rubanda through pictures Feb. 2014

I need better vision to see visitors, lovely friends.
Doves, symbols of Peace

Kids just need one click show
Quality education builds healthy relationships

Tomorrow's brains are here with Diana
Immaculate joins the kids to new tech.

Dr. Bruce & Fr. Dominic receive gifts fromYamba Abaana Uganda
Kids enjoy their leisure time

Leg or no leg Louis is a fan of soccer

More than curious
Dr. Bruce at work

Dr. Bruce mentors kids as coordinator of projects Rogers looks
Charity begins at a tender age

A kid cries to his mom for an opportunity to school after a visit to his brother at the school.

Kevin enjoys hide and seek
Soccer uniform, a gift form Kingdom Hope
"Where there is love you need no eyes"
E-Reader Kindle pilot project launched
Long Live Kingdom Hope
A mother admires sponsorship efforts
Diana mentors the kids in the new soccer field
Parents, children and sponsors' friendship

Future soccer fans and leader
Girls too need quality education opportunities
Dr. Bruce sits down for real business
Dr. Carey fully charged with a passion of love
Venensia and Rominet love new tech, E-Reader Kindle at Rubanda Solidarity School
Sr. Annamary excited at sponsors' letters of family photo and letter to their children

Yamba Abaana supporters charged with a passion for a difference
Technology, for rural poor kids is justice.

Dr. Carey mentors the kids on new E-Reader Kindles
                                              Artistic cultural gift from a school girls to visitors from USA

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