Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Its KG 4th Graduation 2015

This week December 2nd,  we have had our 10th Nursery Graduation Ceremony. The Board of directors, School Management and School Administration wish to thank all the staff, donors, the community and all the graduands of 2015. Your combined effort has made this day real and who these  children are today. Our  school and indeed our children wouldn't stand  here today without your help, generosity and support. After their graduation, our students have gone home for their long Christmas vacation and are excited coming back to cross the boundary to the primary section. One of children full of joy screamed as he passed through the gate to home, " I will come back fully grown up for another place", he jumped up. On the other hand it was a moment of joy for the rest of the nursery students who are also eager to return no more hosted  by the primary school but to their own new nursery section "with more room to relax, play and have less noise", said one of the students. And for the primary students, as the nursery students go to a separate premise of their own, "there is going to be more room to sleep and food to eat", another jovial girl student commented. Parents have their part too. They are very happy of the ending term and the way the whole academic year has concluded peacefully, with no point of a alarm or critical health situations for all the students. They are very grateful to the administration, Yamba Abaana US and UG who have translated all the generous efforts, gifts and donations from our donors into action. Siting a few, they are extra thankful for the projects of hand dag well of pumped water and the new nursery school that are about to be completed and ready for use when their children return to school in February 2016. To all our donors, Yamba Abaana US and friends, thank you so much. Please know that Rubanda community and the school administration hold each one of special in our hearts and prayers. God bless you all.

 Please, our cherished reader, here below, follow our Nursery Graduation gallery Dec.2015.

Tr Joy (L) Nursery Deputy and Tr Angela (R) join graduation
  candidates together with parents for a group photo
Primary choir entertains the nursery graduands and their parents Dec 2 2015






Nursery grandaunts pause for a group photo before the ceremony, Dec 02/2015

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