Monday, February 15, 2016

You can't believe your eyes!

A glance of the Nurse's room, infirmary, dining and kitchen front view facing the dormitories. 

1st hand of painting the outside of the dormitories

Painting going on with the dining ceiling

Front view of the Infirmary and nurse's room ( to be temporarily used by Peace).

The new toilets site on the new exchanged piece of land

Front view of the New Nursery school office and Staff room

Fence construction behind  new dormitories
Fence foundation on construction

Fence foundation above ground

Excavating the ground for fence construction
Lower school site view

Dormitory exit emergency door

Kitchen and Dining entry doors in view

Kitchen( extreme front, Dining (middle), Infirmary ( left)

Nursery classes( front block), Infirmary,
Nurse room and  Dining block

Land with electric pole is proposed new land
to be exchanged with another  piece of land for latrines

The back view of the dining right to the boundary.
The green land is does not belong to the school.
 The school intends to buy it to expand the school
compound for social games and fencing.

Classes front view

Classes and offices front view

The new fence and   gate view with the primary
 section dormitory in front view of the car.
The public road passes in between the two  schools.

The side view of the school offices and the gate  

The public road passed the school gate 

The front view of the school from the gate side

The new gate is fixed right in where
 the new fence construction had ended

The new fence a long the the public road

Foundation for fence construction to the lower side of the school

School Alumni gather for  school performance review 2016
Peace joins the former school students to visit the new water well
constructed with funds from Yamba Abaana USA. The well never
existed in their former school time. They always went hunting for water.
and  share a moment  recalling  how many lessons they had to miss, meals
 to jump and smelly environment to endure because of lack of water.


The Alumni president (L) clacks a joke and  Donatila (middle)
and other students laugh while Peace takes some notes.

Alumni group A discussion

Alumni group B discussion

Alumni group C discussion

Alumni group D discussion

The Lumni group animates the Mass celebration during the
New Nursery school Blessing and gifting the UPLE 2016
Parents and other visitors in the tent during the celebration that is
 taking place in the new school under construction.

Fr Elias (Right) and others during the new school blessing ceremony

The Alumni group acing a drama

The community gathering for the blessing of the new school

The Alumni president gives a thrilling speech

The Local Council (LC1) Chairman giving an appreciation
 of development to Yamba Abaana USA and the community
 for a commendable development in his community that benefits all.

The former school students making a drama

The Grade seven leavers 2015 receive gifts

Fr Elias Kiwanuka graces the ceremony and
 hands on gifts to the immediate school leavers students 

Fr. Dominic (Right) leads Fr Kiwanuka and the community
 in the ceremony of blessing the new school structures

Fr. Elias blessing the new school as Sr Stellamaris prepares
 the ribbon and Sr Anamary ( directress-1st L) and former
directress Sr Beatrice (2nd L) Fr. Dominic( R), Peace (C),
Tr Joy-new nursery Deputy ( R with red dress )  and others look on.

Mrs Agnes Kyarabakabize( in white) mother to Fr Dominic
 looks on as Fr Elias bless  the new school

The school administration and the PTA Chairman (R) witness the blessing

Rogers, the general projects coordinator ( in a suit)
take a picture during the blessing ceremony
Mt John Ndyanabo (m), Rosette in Purple and others look
one as the school receives a blessing

Parents witness the new school blessing ceremoney

Mrs Ssebugwaho (in purple) and other community members
 passionately hold their chests as the school anthem is
 being sung at the blessing of the new structures.

Mr Ssebugwaho and his wife(C) take central role in animating the
school as retired primary professional teachers.

Children love Rubanda Solidarity school. They know its
their school and enjoy its blessing too.

A moment of reflection for many.

Many bless with tears of joy

Teacher Kesand Joy (in red) is the new nursery school  head

Fr. Elias in company of the school directress Sr Annmary blesses
the entrance of the new dormitories invoking the spirit of peace
 and the angels of God to  guard  and protect all the children who will
be accommodated in the new structure.

The PTA chairman (R) Mr Kanyanjojo accompanies Fr Kiwanuka
 to make sure he sprinkles holy water in all corner of the new  school structures.

The community throngs to the new building with songs of praise.

The community gathers for a blessing  ceremony right in
 the middle of the new school.

The community Matches out of the new building after the internal  blessing 

The community gets very excited about the new school as
sister Stella (R) ponders the great contribution Yamaba Abaana US
 has added to the beauty of quality education  in our school.

Habaasa ( 2nd), younger brother to father Dominic admires the
power of friendship  that has made all this development possible.

The community enjoys the day with a smile

The Directress, Sr Annmary (L) and Tr Joy ( Nursery Deputy)

This boy can't wait for the school to open to be in this new school

The young girls who has got inspired to join this school as he came
 with her parents to attend the blessing ceremony 

Mr John ( a PTA member) expresses his happiness as he
 witnesses the blessing of the new school.

PTA chairman viewing the internal construction work

The Local community Chairman (LC1-c) takes
a look at the internal work during the blessing.

Taking care of the sound system and music are the Youth and direct
beneficiaries of Rubanda Solidarity  donate back
 by supporting organize our activities.

Sister of Mary of Good Counsel organizing for Mass and blessing ceremony

Our student who attended the blessing day,
proudly carries the 2016 school brochure to show her friends

Mothers are excited of the new school environment for their children

This mother ponders and can't wait for more three years for her
daughter to have required age to be enrolled to this school

There is time for everything, farewell too

Kids insist to there parents to be enrolled in the new school straight away

Its tough moment for mothers to convince these kids to go back home.

If there is the  best contribution among many our school has done
is to make kids love education

Jennifer (L) and Viola (R) are are some of the school leavers
in Alumni

Long term  parents of our school enjoy a moment of joy
about he new school blessing 

This young boy has not joined school yet but has joy stuck on the
brochure insisting that her mother must bring him n, something
 unusual among kids  of  Rubanda community  in the past. 

Its time to share a meal to complete the blessing ceremony
Children are a priority at our school 

Kids in Rubanda love Rice, not a native food.

What a joy when hungry kids get satisfies!

Buhazi is a special grand papa whose greatest joy is in looking after
young generation. He is a grand father to every kid at our school.

Students enjoying the news about our school national performance of the
 previous  grade seven results in our 2015 Brochure

Front view of our new school

PTA Visits the new school site after their regular meeting

Fr Dominic (L) pauses with the school Management
committee members after their n meeting for a group  photo

The construction team members (L) pause with the
School Management committee for a photo.

The 4 years Alumni gathers for their annual assembly

Boys and Girls of Alumni pause for a group pic at the new well site

Eudecius assists the Alumni to taste the waters of the new well
The Alumni attentive to the demonstration of the
 plan and design of the new well from the engineer

The construct (R) explains how work was done to the group
 of Alumni looks on and Peace (c in blue) takes a photo

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