Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Individualism is Poverty

Inspirational : Our community development efforts are based on the community's proverb," Ageitereine gate'igufa", which means, its the combined effort of the teeth that crushes a bone or unity is power.

Just to save time in the future, we refer to our selves as RSDA (Rubanda Solidarity Development Association). When RSDA began in 2002, we barely had anything. We started from scratch but five chickens. Thanks for some dedicated community members who provide more than 60% of the the program's sustainability and growth.   

Our mission mission is improved life conditions of Rubanda Community and beyond through provision of quality education to children, life skills to school dropout youths and women for empowerment through constant community mobilization, involvement and participation, community support for vulnerable children and members, creating networking efforts to bridge Rubanda community with outside world in an enabling environment to enhance increasing capabilities for both local and international support towards community sustainable development thus changing the existing harsh social-economic life conditions of Rubanda community. 

We emphasize "Community Involvement and Active Participation". 

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Projects' Director.

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