Friday, August 14, 2015

Purchasing Land for a New Nursery School

There is great joy in Rubanda community after news was broken out that the long awaited concept of a new nursery school had finally found a home by finding a site land. In the following photos are some of the school administrations, community representatives and land owner touring the expected new home of our little ones before the agreement is made. The community of Rubanda can't find  enough words to thank all those who are behind the purchase of this land.

The school directress Sr Anamary leads Mr Kabunduguru nd Mr Buhazi,
community elders through the boundaries of the land before purchase  
 as Mr Kadogo (Owner) and School Bursar (bending) look on.
Land owner Mr Kadogo-front L walks next to the
school H/T Mr. Asiimwe   as he leads them to the new land 

The school  bursar Mr .Kabananura points at the land
 demarcation to mark and avoid any foreseen future land conflicts

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