Monday, August 24, 2015

Water Hunting in Rubanda!

Its now one week over since our two major projects of the construction of  a new Nursery School and an Installation of Pumped water commenced. They are projects that have been waiting for the implantation for  too  long. Lack of enough land and enough funds have taken us over two years trying to figure out what could be the  best solution. Now that we have a piece of land added and some startup funds from our American friends, we can't wait any longer to see them started and complete for use in 2016.  The work is going on steadily and impressive. Its under the supervision of the local partner Engineer Robert Byaruhanga who has given it a high  gear. There is a lot of  excitement that has filled the community and the sky of Rubanda. Water has been the real problem and once found and secured, the water scarcity will be history. Many youths are getting hired with some income to support their education and families.  Please, in the photos below see today's(Aug. 23rd 2015) project updates. The project progress is show in the pictures below in a descending order starting with day one of groundbreaking.

Engineer Robert and the Community in search
 of safe drinking water source

Engineer Robert-center with bag,
and his chief consultant and the community
continue to hunt for safe drinking water

Water source is detected and excavation work begins.
As the community provides land and labour,
Yamba Abaana US has generously donated funds

Technical hole protection is being fixed to avoid any
 dirt back or collapse of the wall back into the water

School directress Sr Annamary and Bursar
have a look at the water pipes ditches to the new nursery school under construction.

The new water well excavation at 15ft deep

The water well excavation at 20ft deep

The underground rock being excavated to penetrate into
 the water springs and catchment zone

Excavation at 20ft deep with already good signs water availability.
The pump has been lowered in to assist reduce the water to
 ease more excavation until the require depth.

Water seems a sure deal as the excavation goes 30ft deep

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