Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Construction Project in progress

Two weeks after the completion of the first phase of groundbreaking and pavement construction, the second phase of nursery school has begun. Its now the raising of walls to roofing. Our greatest appreciation again goes to all our generous donors connected with Rubanda by the Yamba Abaana USA. Thank you so much. Please our reader, enjoy our second phase progress of our projects in Rubanda in pictures below

 5 Days later

Classrooms + Offices

Long range view of Dining and Classrooms

Dining side view

Front view of Dormitory + Infirmary in front

New Infirmary faces the new dormitories
Community members admire the rise of new classrooms + offices 
Front view of the new dormitories block rises
The left side view of the new classes+ office facing
 the dormitory on the right side of dormitories

The view of the new nursery school site as seen from the
 existing primary school compound 100 miters away.

Front view of the new classes and office
Sept. 23rd

Kitchen (left) and dining hall (right)

Boys dormitory
Girls' dormitory: Engineer Robert takes a look on the accuracy of angles

2 Classrooms block front view wall progress

The back view of the new classrooms

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