Friday, October 9, 2015

Arrival of Dr Bruce @ the school!

Dr Bruce arrives in Rubanda and is received by Rubanda Solidarity Nursery/Primary school students in jubilation. The purpose of his visit is to meet the community and have a look on the on going projects mainly of a water well and new nursery school constructions, funded by Yamba Abaana USA. He arrived on the eve of the Uganda Independence Day, October 9th.
Please enjoy the photo gallery of the day.

Children jubilate as Dr Bruce arrives in the community
Arriving at the gate of the chool

Greeting students in the school  holding green branches as a sign of Peace

Washing of hands is a gesture of hospitality
Something to eat, fresh appetizer from the Ugandan soil
Ugandan bananas add extra energy
Visitors pay a courtesy visit to the class

A journey to the new well begins.
Dr. Bruce c. led by the H/Teacher Mr Innocent R.

Arriving at the new nursery school on construction.
Dr. Bruce appreciates the work done.

Descending the hill, they arrive at the new Water well,
Dr. Bruce L., H/Teacher C., Deputy Immaculate R.,
 Peace behind L. and the workman

Bruce inspects the new borehole

This gadget is the new water pump to be immersed into the water

Bruce excited and misses no chance for a photo

Engineer Robert and his consultant team lecture about the new well

Dr Bruce is amazed on the work done and expresses
 his gratitude as the school directress Sr Anamary L.
Rogers Right 3rd R, Peace 2nd L. acknowledge it.

Dr Bruce gives his input on top of the new well

Visitors and community personnel share a moment of
 peace and appreciation of the collaboration for development.


Trailing back to the school
Dr. Bruce pays a courtesy visit to Fr. Dominic's mom Agnes 2nd R, at home.
Fr. Dominic's dad (middle with hat)
accompanies visitors to the new well

School children start to enjoy the waters of the
 new well doing their laundry.

The trench for the water pipes and electric wire to the school

Kids line up for water for bathing

The new water  pipe-plastic being carried








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