Friday, October 9, 2015

" Safe Water Drinking Ceremony"

Its time to drink what we have been searching and hunting for. Let us celebrate. Water is Life. After the arrive of Dr. Bruce on the "First Water Drinking Ceremony", Fr. Fortunate leads the procession of visitors and community members to the site of the new Water well for a blessing that was followed by drinking. Dear Reader, follow the procession and descend the hill to the water well through the photo gallery

School children enjoying
the new well site

Mrs. Agnes feeds a thirsty
child with new water

Dr. Bruce and his team
 of visitors  at school site

A local chief leads visitors to the new well

Fr. Fortunate leads the procession
to the new Water well Blessing and Drinking
The procession passes by the new
 nursery school on construction
 funded by the same
organization of Yamba Abaana USA

The School scouts command the road to the new well.

School kids cant's wait for the Blessing to drink the new water

Visitors sited by the new Well  ready
 to drink the new water
Fr. Fortunate L, Dr. Bruce 2nd L,
Rogers 3rd L and Sr Annamary
waiting for water 
Dr. Bruce Readers a letter from Fr. Dominic the
Founder and Fr. Fortunate translates into vernacular.

Dr. Bruce C excited after the water blessing
Dr. Bruce eager to taste the new well water as kids keep a curious eye.
On the right Dr. Bruce tosses the water to the Engineers and the congregation so eager to drink.

"Water is Life".Let us cerebrate it.

Children turn to drink comes as Engineer Robert volunteers to dish it out in jubilation of his wonderful success.

Mrs Agnes feeds a thirsty child with the new water.
Children suffer the most with contaminated
 and risky waters or during water scarcity
 situations like this one in Rubanda.

Dr. Bruce enjoys a happy moment with school kids as they wait for their turn to drink while those who have finished drinking enjoy a Kikiga  traditional blessing dance.

A moment of gifts from the community!



School Scouts again lead the way

 Meal time


Work Continues! 

Work continues to make sure that water arrives at the school by electric pump and end the suffering of walking miles in search of water and carried by head. That realizes a lot of pressure from children. 

Dr. Bruce and his group of friends:  Zaal from New Zealand, Lucy-Australia, Rachel-Australia, Sarah -UK, Klara- Scotland, Gabriella -UK  pause for a group photo after the water drinking ceremony in Runbanda-Southwestern Uganda. And they couldn't leave the community without a word written on the wall. Here it is below.
A word from our visitors on site!


Its accomplished
Peace !

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