Sunday, May 1, 2016

Energy Saving Stove and gutter fixture complete

Environmental degradation in Rubanda has become one of the major topics of concern these days. Wetlands and swamps have been reclaimed for farming, forests cut down for firewood and construction and hills stripped bear to the advantage of torrential rains sweeping a cross the hills with the worst soil erosion. Hence energy saving stoves provide some solution to the rampant deforestation and soil erosion that are a major threat to life in Rubanda.   Here below is a type of the energy saving stove that is being constructed at the new kitchen of our new nursery school.

The  new nursery school view from a distance the lower part from the
 gate to the opposite side right to the toilets fortified with a brick
 fence and the upper side with poles and timber for temporary fencing.  

Water harvesting from the roof  is  taken seriously.
With the gutters fixture complete, we hope to waste no drop of water.
Gutters around  the dormitory roof to harvest water
 to the laundry tank and for toilets
Engineer Robert inspects the newly constructed energy saving stove before use.

Terrazzo  has been applied to coat the stove to make it more resistant
 to daily high temperatures of heat and  give it an eye catching  look! 

                  The Terazzo to be used as a coating for the new stove to give a
 descent look and protect it from clacking
The new nursery school Energy Saving Stove  almost complete

The new Energy Saving Stove being set up

Toilets and Bathrooms getting ready for use this coming 2nd term in June


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